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Silk Top

Important things to know about Silk top lace wigs.

Most people love the natural part silk top lace wigs gives however there are a couple things you need to know before you purchase a silk top lace wig.

What is a Silk Top?

There is a layer lace which is made of silk fabric on the top front of the cap. 
When the hair is knotted, it will be concealed between the layers. 
It's hard to notice the knots it will give you the nice feeling that it seems like the hair is actually growing out of your scalp; the knots are 100% invisible.
You wont find any other ventilation technique that creates a more flawless appearance than hidden knots on a silk top. No bleach knots at all.
Important things to know about Silk top lace wigs before you make a purchase 
1. normally, our stock wig with 4*4 silk top.
2. there is 0.25inch lace between silk top and hairline. if u no need, contact with us, we can do no gap for u.