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   05/16/2018, By MELISSA
I just got this wig last week and I absolutely love it! So far I haven’t experienced any shedding while combing/brushing. I was a bit hesitant at first because I noticed a few reviews that the wig was a bit tight but luckily for me it’s the perfect fit. I’ll keep everyone updated after some time passes!
   05/16/2018, By Alona Maria
Blown Away - FANTASTIC WIG!!
I ordered 12" Yaki Natural color. They've mechanically texturized the hair somehow to have less shine and more of a natural, silky coarse yaki feel, which is great - for a second you'd think it was synthetic, but it's human hair - you can tell when you flat iron, the normal smell of human hair being heated and a few stray grays.. The bangs are very generous - I left them uncut in the pics, but Ill be trimming it so my brows show. I will also be coloring this with some honey blonde ombre streaks. Will do a follow up. You'll want to wear it a bit so it conforms to your head and make sure your hair is super flat so it's not too thick at the top - I hadn't smoothed my TWA down and I don't wear a wig cap, so it's puffier than I would like for a straight look.
   05/15/2018, By Beatrice Kpator
I just received my hair and very excited! First I will say this hair beautiful and more than what I expected. I was a little scared ordering this hair because I haven't had a 360 lace wig so I was online all night reading reviews and doing research. Then I finally decided to go with this hair and I think I made the best choice. This hair feels like black peoples natural hair (my real hair is all natural so I was looking for something that looks like my hair for a protective style). I haven't experienced any shedding since I got it. The hair is very full and thick. This hair comes pre-plucked ( As you will see in my pictures below)I am really happy with my order. I love this hair and I can't wait use it. The only thing I don't like is that the cap is a little big for me.
   05/15/2018, By Alisha J Coletta
This is not a drill ladies and !!! LOVE This hair!!!! There is always a concern when ordering hair from here, BUT let me just say this hair is amazing! It is just the yaki thick texture that I desired. The density is great! as you can see in the pic that I hold the hair in a pony tail. I am going to bleach the knots on this wig so I will post the final pic with me in the wig later this week. The quality is GREAT! I am definitely going to order again!
   05/15/2018, By TerrieG
I love this wig! It is so silky, and the color is beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it to work tomorrow I know that I will get many compliments. I am going to only buy from this seller. 5-star product and 5-star service from the seller. I had questions about the product, and they answered me within a short period. Don't look elsewhere, buy this wig! I am a happy and delighted customer.
   05/14/2018, By Chrisbell
I love this wig, although it didn't come pre plucked. But plucking was easy for me. I recommend this company
   05/12/2018, By Nicole Johnson
This is truly the best hair bargain I have ever had. I purchased a 22inch full lace unit and it has great density and minimal shedding. I was little skeptical about it being virgin hair but this is 100% virgin hair with a great lusture. I am definitely purchasing again and have told all of my friends to buy!
   05/12/2018, By Mika
I got the Lace Front 130% Density Naturl Color 14inch. I wish I got a thicker density but satisfied with the wig overall. It was comfortable on my big head. I don't feel I need to color it. The only thing that I didn't like is that I couldn't curl the ends the way I wanted even when I increased the heat a bit.

I love the lace front and how natural it looks. My best friend couldn't believe it was a wig. The hair is really soft and easy to get a part to fit my face and style. I might leave some of my real hair out later, but for right now it's not needed. I put my entire head in cornrows except for a tad bit in front which is tucked under the wig for now. I'm planning on doing this protective style for a few months until my hair grows out good and I can do a nice trim to my real hair.

I will buy this again, just thicker.
   05/11/2018, By Olivia Rebecca Pluml
Yaaaas this hair is very soft and I had very little shedding when washing it. The only thing I didn't like was the baby hair was very spaced out and it didn't look good so I had to cut into that part of the lace to make it look less ratchet. Also, it is on the thin side so I'm hoping it will last a while but so far so good!
   05/10/2018, By Reese
This hair is nice. My first time trying a human lace front wig and I fell in love with the lace experience. Already ordered another style!
   05/09/2018, By DAJON JOHNSON
This unit was absolutely beautiful. Although it was a bit big but nothing I couldn't fix by cutting some of the lace from the back. It held color very well and straightened great. I purchased a second unit only to have as a back up unit. A must purchase!!!
   05/08/2018, By Queen Mill
This is pretty good quality hair. I would have given it five starts but the density is not accurate. It was much thinner than 150% and I ended up adding a bundle to the unit for fullness. If you decide to purchase it, you may want to go ahead and get 130% density and just add a bundle to it.(Unless you like thin hair) The frontal portion is partially customized which I really liked. I have had this unit for two months now.
   05/08/2018, By Tonisha Davis
I am IN LOVE with this hair! This is my first ever human hair full lace wig and I will be buying from them again
   05/06/2018, By SWEETNEWYORK
Absolutely love it. It came quickly and the hair is beautiful and really holds up! I bleached and dyed it brown myself, when I customized it I did a lot to it all in one day and it really held up. It hardly tangles and holds a wave well. My only complaint is the health of the hair it has a lot of split ends, and some are different lengths but it looks super natural. I would try this one one more time. One of the things I really appreciated when searching for a wig was people including good photos with their reviews so I will pay it forward in hopes this helps someone else in making a decision on a unit.
   05/06/2018, By Mercedes na
Amazing hair!!!! Wow I was hesitant but it's really great quality. I got the full lace 16 inch, really good length, it is a little thing but for first time not bad, I will be ordering custom order when I'm done with this one. The lace is super soft, it is a little big I had to cut a chunk of lace and hair in the front to make it fit smaller to my head, the cap comes in a medium so custom order a small. I washed it with Argab shampoo and the hair came out batuakkt wavy! That's some good quality. I tested the burn to see if it's true human and it is. Fast shipping great customer service. I would recommend to buy lace tape and not glue you could damage the lace. I have such a small head that the lace is too big so I will have to tape it down but worth it. The parting is amazing. You literally part it anywhere. Honest truth you can put it in a high bun but it does not look like a natural bottom back of someone's head, I wear headbands a lot so it will work, will update soon.
   05/05/2018, By Nia
I never write reviews but since i depended on reviews before buying this hair. I decided to pay it forward... First of i got the hair in 2 days wich is amazing but i am also a prime member so i get everything in about 2 days. Secondly i ordered the 18in 130% lace frontal. the hair is so soft, no wierd smell and very little to none shedding. The negative about the hair is it is extremely thin but it takes a curl amazinly. So i dont plan on ever wearing it straight also the hair comes in a natural brown like a #4.. Thirdly "the lace" . the lace is very silky and soft like swiss lace. Its from ear to ear and goes back pretty far. So you can make a part anywhere on the lace. Even though the wigs comes with 3 combs and adjustable straps you will still need some type of adhesive to lay the lace down and make it look more naturally... Over all i really love this hair and i will be purchasing again.
   05/04/2018, By Chandra Dee
I love it, I gotten so many compliments omg it's literally the best
   05/04/2018, By andaiye s.
Don't think! Just buy! I love this product, the hair is soft and beautiful with no weird smell. I have not had any shedding or tangles. I ordered a 22" lace front and it's a dream come true. AND I've been telling everyone I know to buy from HERE and HERE ONLY! Even people I meet on the streets that ask me about my hair and I tell them I'm in love lol! Do it. Click the button. Put it in your cart. And BUY IT RIGHT NOW! YOU won't regret this, I didn't. ❤️️❤️❤️️❤️❤️️
   05/03/2018, By Jusanna Reign
I was going to wait to write a review but I don't think I'm going to have any problems with this wig. I've already bleached the knots, washed it, and the hair is still silky and soft with no shedding. Shipping was fast but if I had the time I would've ordered a size small wig cap. If you have the time to wait on a custom order I'd definetly invest. Default density is 130. I ordered 24" it's true to length and full even after me tweezing the hair line and cutting the baby hairs shorter. If you like 4+ bundles when you get your sew in, then custom order a larger density. Basically get this wig!
   05/02/2018, By ShonD. J
Honestly I'm a licensed hair stylist and I've purchased many wigs and hair from a lot of companies. I love this wig because the hairline looks so much realistic, the quality of hair is amazing, I've balayaged it and I get compliments everywhere I go! I purchased the full lace wig 18 inches. It fits perfect I can where cornrows , a bun , any updo too ! I would purchase again for the price
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